Impact of COnstructing Non-motorised Networks and Evaluating Changes in Travel
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Our objectives

iConnect's objectives are:

  1. To develop an evaluation framework and measurement tools for use in assessing the impacts of infrastructural interventions on travel behaviour, physical activity, carbon emissions and energy use (and their inter-relationships) at the individual and population level.
  2. To apply the framework and tools thus developed to quantify the changes in travel behaviour, physical activity and carbon emissions and the changes in putative mediating factors associated with infrastructural interventions at a purposive sample of case-study Connect2 sites and to explore why these interventions are (or are not) effective, in what ways, for whom and in what circumstances.
  3. To determine by means of a randomised controlled trial whether an additional tailored self-help intervention delivered at the level of the household can enhance the effects of an infrastructural intervention.
  4. To evaluate the Connect2 programme in terms of its economic performance at a broad strategic level.
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