Impact of COnstructing Non-motorised Networks and Evaluating Changes in Travel
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3. Kenilworth and University of Warwick

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3. Kenilworth and University of Warwick


Bridge completed in 2011. View video of "cycle-through" here!

Why important?

The scheme is popular with local residents for local commuting, particularly amongst staff and students travelling to and from the University campus. It also provides high quality traffic-free recreational access to the countryside (the Greenway).


University of Warwick Sports Pavilion Feb 2009

The Connect2 Kenilworth (C2K) project will create series of routes incorporating the Berkswell Greenway and connections to the University of Warwick and Kenilworth town centre.

Parts of the existing Greenway have already been upgraded and this is already popular with local people for walking, cycling and horse riding.

The Connect2 project will provide additional funding to complete the upgrade of the existing route and provide a new bridge over the A429 Coventry Road to connect the Greenway to the Kenilworth Common area and the town centre. It will also extend a new link across the fields to the University of Warwick's campus.

The new bridge over the Coventry Road is a key feature of the project and it will be installed in the same place where the old railway bridge existed until the 1960’s.

Led by the Transport Studies Unit and Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford, baseline data collection commenced in April 2010. To examine the impact of the scheme on travel behaviour and carbon emissions follow-up data collection is planned for April 2011 and, if all goes well, April 2012. As well as examining the impact of the bridge and associated links to the centre of Kenilworth and Warwick University, this longitudinal study will also build on the limited body of research examining the influences of physical interventions on net carbon emissions at the individual and household levels.

GPS loggerIn a specialist research module, willing respondents will also be asked to wear GPS loggers for three to four days to provide an objective measure of their travel behaviour. Respondents will be asked to complete a survey about their travel behaviour and carbon footprint from travel before and after the intervention.

Who's involved delivering the scheme


Start and duration

The new bridge over the A429 was put in place in September 2011, with the link to the University of Warwick to follow in 2012.

Watch a time lapse photography of the bridge installation on YouTube here.


Google maps: Connect2 Kenilworth

Map of the route:

map  of C2K route

Who's involved from iConnect

Tim Jones, Andre Neves, Lucy Mahoney (Transport Studies Unit, University of Oxford)

Christian Brand (Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford)

Karen Ghali (Tranportation Research Group, University of Southampton)

David Ogilvie (MRC Epidemiology Unit, Cambridge)

Case study type

Medium sized town, rural elements

Leisure and utility travel

Walking, cycling


Connect2 Kenilworth website

Sustrans Connect2

site by Christian Brand, ECI