Impact of COnstructing Non-motorised Networks and Evaluating Changes in Travel
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WP3: intervention studies at case-study sites


This work package is being led by Dr David Ogilvie at the MRC Epidemiology Unit, Cambridge. We selected a purposive sample of five Connect2 sites:

  1. Longitudinal cohort (panel) study sites: Cardiff, Kenilworth (Warwickshire), Southampton
  2. School travel site: St Mary's High School, Cheshunt (Hertforshire)
  3. Workplace travel sites: Glasgow

The findings emerging from applying the WP2 tools to these case study sites are compared and interpreted drawing on the realist evaluation perspective as outlined under WP2. 

Progress and outcomes

A series of annual postal surveys has been carried out using the iConnect core survey instrument in random samples of the adult populations of Cardiff, Kenilworth and Southampton. Over three tranches (a baseline and two follow-ups), some 7,000 responses have been obtained. These data are providing important insights into the travel, carbon and physical activity impacts of the Connect2 programme. For example, we have found evidence that active travel is positively associated with physical activity.

To date five papers have been published by the iConnect project, with several more in preparation. See Outputs for details.

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