Impact of COnstructing Non-motorised Networks and Evaluating Changes in Travel
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Task: collect additional, in-depth data

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Each case study site will also be used to collect additional, in-depth data related to impacts on either

  1. travel and carbon emissions or
  2. physical activity.

The exact content of these specialist research modules will be determined in light of the recommendations from workpackage 2 (WP2) but the principles will be as follows. At the 'travel and carbon emissions' specialist sites (provisionally Kenilworth, Cardiff and Southampton), we will undertake a fuller assessment of changes in travel behaviour and their net impact on energy use and carbon emissions, e.g. by collecting GPS data, odometer data, fuel purchase data, technical details of displaced modes of transport, etc. from a subset of the cohort of survey respondents. At the 'physical activity' specialist sites (provisionally Cardiff and Cheshunt), we will undertake a fuller assessment of the impact of the intervention on overall physical activity, e.g. by using more detailed physical activity questionnaires and accelerometers in a subset of the cohort to establish baseline levels of physical activity and track changes in overall energy expenditure or substitution effects between domains of physical activity (transport, occupational, domestic and leisure), or by using GPS devices in a subset of the cohort to track changes in patterns of use of green space. This work will enable further validation of the core measurement tool developed in WP2.

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