Impact of COnstructing Non-motorised Networks and Evaluating Changes in Travel
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WP4: RCT of additional promotional interventions


We are establishing a randomised controlled trial at the Glasgow Connect2 site to examine whether a tailored self-help intervention delivered at the level of the individual can enhance the effects of an infrastructural intervention.

Why important?

The literature suggests that a supportive environment may be a necessary, but not a sufficient, condition to encourage regular physical activity and that people with a supportive environment and positive cognitions about walking may walk up to eight times as much as those without (Giles-Corti, 2006).

Who's involved from iConnect

Nanette Mutrie

Graham Baker

David Ogilvie

David Drinkwater

Shannon Sahlqvist

Emma Bird

Jane Powell


  • Giles-Corti (2006)
  • Mutrie et al. (2002)
  • Ogilvie et al. (2007)
  • Kelly et al. (2005)

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