Impact of COnstructing Non-motorised Networks and Evaluating Changes in Travel
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Task: evaluate effectiveness of additional promotional intervention

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The second main task is to evaluate the effectiveness of the additional promotional intervention in a randomised controlled trial.

We are developing two arms to the trial, in which individuals, recruited from local workplaces, will be exposed to:

  1. The Connect2 infrastructural improvements only;
  2. Connect2 infrastructural improvements plus a high-technology intervention using the visual imaging techniques described elsewhere to personalise the opportunities for walking and cycling provided by the new infrastructure.

The self-help intervention is delivered shortly after the infrastructural intervention has been completed. In effect, this trial constitutes a 'special case' of the intervention case studies. We will collect and analyse baseline and follow-up data using online survey methods. We will collect additional qualitative data to gain further insight into participants' reaction to, engagement with and use of the promotional materials and the facilitators of and barriers to their taking up the opportunities provided by the infrastructural intervention. We will also conduct an economic evaluation of the costs, resource savings and effectiveness of additional promotional interventions drawing upon previous work in this area (Powell) for the Health Development Agency (Kelly et al., 2005).

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